Teachers' House Board

Jeremiah Burns Teaching math to students in grades one through eight in the Bronx, Jeremiah Burns strives to co-create lessons that make math an interactive, meaningful part of students’ lives.                                                                   

Lucinda Garthwaite Lucinda Garthwaite is a founding lead partner of ChangeMakers Partners, a consulting practice dedicated to increasing the impact of mission-driven organizations.  She is a fellow at the Fielding University Institute for Social Innovation, and serves on the board of trustees at Goddard College.               

 Eric Gidseg Eric Gidseg has taught young children as well as aspiring and practicing early childhood professionals for 35 years.  He is deeply committed to the transformative nature of teaching and learning.                                                                                                 

Scott Harris Scott Harris is a school counselor and comes from a holistic, developmental, and student-centered perspective. His work revolves around social/emotional growth, career exploration, community building, social justice, and progressive interdisciplinary learning.                                                        

Lynn Olsen As an elementary teacher, writer, and optimistic learner, Lynn Olsen has cherished opportunities to learn with children and colleagues in ever widening circles.  She is a teacher consultant with the Hudson Valley Writing Project.                                                                                                                                   

Teachers’ House Founding Board Jeremiah Burns, Josh Castle, Lucinda J. Garthwaite, Eric Gidseg, Lynn  G. Olsen, Clotilde (Clo) Pitkin