The Teachers' House Journal

The Teachers’ House Journal accepts submissions of articles by educators reflecting on the practices and purposes of teaching at any level.  Our purpose is to create a space where educators may publish their own thoughtful inquiries regarding their work with the children they teach, with their peers, and with the communities they serve.  We welcome writing that demonstrates teachers’ roles as leaders in both thought and action.

Submission guidelines:                                          

  •  Articles may be submitted at any time by email attachment to the editorial committee at   
  • Submissions should be in Word or rich text formats. 
  •  The editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject articles for publication.  No article will be edited for content without the permission of the author(s).

Journal Articles

  • TJ and Mister Gidseg                                           Eric Gidseg, a recently retired kindergarten teacher and adjunct professor of elementary education, writes about the challenges encountered by teachers when working with a child who challenges the teacher’s sense of efficacy.