Mission & Vision

Teachers’ House is devoted to the support of teachers in their rightful roles as thinkers and leaders in the continuing evolution of education as a force for positive social change.

Teachers are people who interact with learners in the shared, reciprocal, intentional work of learning. Teachers think deeply about the purpose and process of education, and continually refine their expertise about learning and human development.

Teachers’ House creates spaces for teachers to gather and share in an open exchange of ideas, facilitating opportunities for teachers’ learning, and advancing public awareness of teachers’ work.


Teachers’ House envisions and works towards a future when:

Teachers are respected leaders and thinkers in the continuing evolution of education.

Teachers’ insights are recognized as essential to anyone considering change in education; their understanding of teaching and learning is a primary factor in all decision-making about learning.

The teacher’s voice is essential to any conversation about learning in the educational system in which they teach, as well as for individual learners. 

All stakeholders in education and learning understand and respect each other’s responsibilities and authority, and know how to navigate the places where they intersect.