About Teacher Stories

Educators tell their stories.                                                                                        The work of educators is filled with moments of joy and frustration, accomplishment and striving.  Many educators tell us that they feel isolated, without ways to express the day-to-day realities of their work.  Teacher Stories is a place to express those realities.  If a story inspires or resonates with you, please consider posting a story of your own.  Click here to view the Teacher Stories Archive.  

Submission Guidelines 

  • Practicing or newly retired educators are invited to submit their stories, based on real experiences told as a first-person narrative. We encourage you to post your narrative without details that might identify individuals or institutions in your story.  In addition, we recommend that stories go through a local process of feedback and revision before submission.                             
  • Manuscripts will be reviewed for acceptance by an editorial board consisting of teachers.  The editorial board reserves the right to accept or reject stories for publication.                                                                                  
  • Stories should be submitted to th.teacherstories@gmail.com. The Teacher Stories Cover Sheet must accompany each submission.  No story content will be edited without the permission of the author(s).